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the company:

Video production can be a monster. Where do you start? What do you want? Who can you trust? Before you give up and just call that buddy who has a camera, call us.

Ace in 1 media is a proactive full service video company, whether you need script to screen video production services, website design, animation or motion graphics; Ace in 1 has the creative and technical expertise to bring your ideas to life.

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the method

You have questions, we have answers. What makes us so different? SCIENCE! Ace in 1 is a digital based production company. Structured to be non-localized in order to provide peak quality at minimum cost.

The world is digital, your communications are digital, your bathroom scales are digital. So, why are you paying for an analog couch in an edit bay at over $100/hour? Ace in 1 media isn’t looking for you to pay for our furniture or trendy office. You want excellent video and when you deal with us that’s ALL you pay for.

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the clients

  • UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Economic Development Partnership of Alabama
  • A bevy of Automotive dealerships, political campaigns and YOU!
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